Posted on January 26, 2024
Spring Living Update

A recent article states that Canada’s population aged 65 and older account for roughly 19% of the population and is projected to reach between 22 and 30% by 2068, according to Statistics Canada - an unprecedented shift that will bring major changes to the needs of Canadians. “The challenge, Rosenberg said, is to build an alternative housing model that's adaptable to seniors' needs as their requirements change over time. Too often, inefficiencies arise when seniors find themselves with either too much or too little support in their daily lives.”

Recognizing the need to provide more options for Canadian seniors, Spring Living Retirement Communities offers flexible lifestyle options and personalized wellness services to accommodate the evolving needs of its residents. Having invested ~3mm in capital improvements in 2023 and completed renovations in more than 120 suites, Spring Living remains focused and proud of its goal of improving the lifestyle for all of its senior residents. 

We’re pleased to share some photos of a portion of the newly renovated amenity spaces and suites at Fergus Place, Park Avenue Manor and Constitution Place, part of the Spring Living Retirement Communities family.

These improvements are core to Spring Living’s mission to create warm, welcoming, and secure environments for residents, foster caring connections, and provide personalized services by team members who are committed to making a significant impact every day.

Spring Living is committed to its growing role in providing care for Canada’s aging population by providing services and living accommodation to meet their evolving needs.